we do the post-show hustle and we turn around…

that’s what it’s all about!

meetings today with Tara Arts:  http://www.tara-arts.com/ (at the national, as it happens, which was goshdern pleasant of a sunny afternoon) who are keen to bring us on board as youth facilitators and potentially to host Fora das Correntes in the next year. and then with Theatre of Inspirations (http://www.theatreofinspirations.co.uk/) who are going to try to have us run the show along with a workshop series using capoeira and theatre techniques. funding bunnies rain your pennies down!

these meeting both come in a sting of pointers that the most productive way to develop the show at this moment is as an educational piece to present in schools. comments in the post-show discussion also leant this way, along with others addressing the central relationship in the play (student and master); the narration (at the moment three women who are placed somewhat externally); and the language.

the language seems to be the most challenging point to address, as much of the text is in portuguese. we illustrate many of the points made physically (an entire song at one point being illustrated phrase by phrase) but there are small but key moments of dialogue – questions that the student asks the master, for example – which cannot really be illustrated but which, at the same time, may become naive if transated.

so we are looking at spending another few days in development before presenting the piece again as it stands. but there are plenty of nibbles on the Fora das Correntes line, and we shall no doubt be opening our doors to the public soon.

stick around, thank you for the support, and take a sneak peak at some of the production shots, courtesy of Artur Curval:


until the next time…  adeus,



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